War Team Building Activity

Purpose: Learning to deal with change

Group Size: 6+ (2 teams)

Level: Advanced

What do you need? No extra materials are needed

How much time does it take? 20+ minutes


  • The team is split up into two groups.
  • The leader will take two team members that the team chooses.
  • He will give them an object that they must allow a group to guess.
  • Now, the team members go to the opposite group.
  • They can only answer yes or no questions.
  • The team that guesses the object first wins the round.
  • Then yell “bingo.” Both team members that played must go to the winning team.
  • The next round begins and the teams pick a new member to play.
  • The game is won when they have all of the team members.


  • Was this hard to play?
  • Did it take a different kind of strategy?
  • Why were certain people chosen first to play?
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