Throwing the Bouquet: Get To Know Activity

Purpose: Getting to know you

Group Size: 6+

Level: Basic

Directions: Pick a “bride” and give her (or him!) a bouquet of flowers to throw just like a bride would do for her wedding. Whoever catches it is must now come up to the front and decide, would they make a good match for the bride? Keep this casual and humorous, for example, don’t make a big deal of mixed genders etc., instead focus on some questions: what would make these two work well together in a partnership (i.e. marriage?) what would they need to work on together? Have the rest of the group weigh in. The bouquet is then thrown by that person to see how well they match up with someone else (the one who catches their bouquet). This can be a lot of fun and gets people thinking about how their personalities interact with those around them.

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