4 Ice Breaker Activities That Will Make Your Team Think


Purpose: Getting to know you
Group Size: 4+

  1. Simply turn up to the room one day and start addressing the group from the opposite side you usually do.
  2. It will be very strange and the group will have to turn their chairs around to face you.
  3. Wait until they bring it up then explain that in many organizations, that is exactly how change occurs – abruptly.
  4. Ask the group to discuss how they feel about the sudden change and what would have made the transition smoother.
  • Ask for the group to share any instances of where changes happened that they felt happy and confident about, in their personal or work lives.


Purpose: Getting to know you
Group Size: 4+

  1. Assign two teams different but complementary tasks.
  2. Tell one team (privately) that they have been wronged by an organization and are seeking a formal apology.
  3. You can have fun with the specifics.
  4. Ask them to compose a letter of apology that would make them feel better about everything.
  5. For the other team, tell them they are the offending company and have to write a convincing and sincere letter to apologize. Then, compare the finished letters.
  • How similar are they?
  • What did the company miss out?
  • Have a discussion about what it is exactly that makes for a successful apology.

What if…..

Purpose: Getting to know you
Group Size: 4+
Directions: A good activity for when a group is stagnant and low energy. Throw out a few random “what if…?” questions.

  • What if they were the opposite gender?
  • What if they won the lottery?
  • What if they were going to die in a week? Encourage original and truthful answers.

 Psych Testing

Purpose: Getting to know you, fun
Group Size: 4+

  1. Try to source a free-use, short psychometric test, such as a quick Myers Briggs test or even something silly like a quiz from a magazine if you can’t find anything else.
  2. Have everyone in the group complete this and discuss the results.
  3. Most people love to do tests like this.
  4. Are they accurate? What do people think of their scores? It can be a fun extension activity to make the group design and write their own test, for example, a test to measure the best employee or something lighthearted like the kind of animal you’d be.