Scavenger Hunt

Purpose: Getting to know each other, getting to know the company, and getting to know how to get around the company. This is a teamwork activity.

Group Size: At least two teams of four Level: 1st/Basic What do you need? A list of items around the company. This activity needs to be performed where the team works. How much time does it take? 30+ minutes (prep time depends on how long it takes the leader to go around the company and make a list of items to find)

Description: The leader must go around the building and find different items to add to the list. The list should be no longer than 10 items or you may not see the team members the rest of the day. Items that can be considered:

  • Newspaper from 6 months ago
  • Bio of first president of the company
  • Number of employees in the company currently
  • Year company was founded
  • Board members and their occupations
  • Bio of current president
  • Where the extra ink cartridges are kept

As a team leader you can be creative. This is a great orientation exercise, as members can find their way around while finding materials and objects they may need working at a company. Make sure you let other people in the building know that this is going on. Tell team members not to disturb others while they are working. You could do this exercise during lunch hour or after hours. Divide your members into teams of 4. Give each team the list of items to find and a time limit. At the end of time, the teams can have show-and-tell, including where items were found. The team with the most items found wins.